Stephan Jones (Jim Jones' only biological child) writes...

Who is David Parker?

From the time I first encountered David, when I was just coming out of boyhood, he has shown me nothing but a clear mind and open heart. David entered the Peoples Temple in search of service to mankind, to help us all make a shift toward harmony, and he gave all he had to that purpose.  But, unlike so many of us in the Temple, David continued to evaluate and assess with that open heart and mind of his and the minute he recognized that we and our leader were headed down a road contrary to our “message” and David’s purpose, and that there was no healthy means for getting us back on track, David chose out and moved on to realize his own destiny, without regret and in the face of retribution from my father and his agents of repression and fear.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for this kind of conviction with non-attachment. David is an innovative, talented, compassionate, and generous man of vision, who wants nothing more than to leave this world better than he found it.  I’m glad to have him as a friend.

Stephan Jones

Pastor Dave's Critical Review of the new Jonestown Documentary “Survivors” click Here

Stephan Jones, son of Jim Jones


A liberating voice showing us
When Society Becomes a Cult
Jonestown Legacy
What Really Happened In Jonestown?
Watch this video with caution.  

The people that did the video captured a power through hypnotic tone yet their facts were often wrong and even the pronunciation Ghiana rather than Guyana. Still it is good because they copied my position of society as a cult and give a foreboding warning that is much like mine.  

In fact Jim was the talent the CIA copied, not the other way around.  They were anxious to learn from him and he genuinely thought he was harnessing all of these forces for good ends.  The people that did the video....
Organizations are not really capable manipulators. 

Genius sociopaths are the ones from whom the CIA learns their craft.  They spend lots of money studying successful things whether it is chemicals, technology or people.  Society has become a cult slowly.   Little at a time mass behavior changes and then it is no longer any one person's doing.  

Jim Jones grew up studying things that worked but had the uncanny ability to implement them effectively. He was an extraordinary copycat but able to to do things very effectively.  There are cheap power trips going on in powerless "wanna bees" all around us.  Jim Jones was simply able to do it well.  What did it get him? Dead in the Jungle. 

How did Jim Jones handle the CIA?  He got blackmail on the individuals associated with examining him that worked for the CIA.  He got blackmail on all the people around them.  How did he do it?  The same way J. Edgar Hoover did.  He sent in people to compromise them sexually.  Living under the fear of being murdered was his undoing.  

He was not a CIA operation, they admired his abilities and were studying him, while unable to do anything because he was so politically connected with other blackmailed or compromised politicians.  He actually was beating them at their own game but his excesses became too great and his paranoia too out of bounds and he decided to convince the crowd to go out in one bang.  Because of his disdain he had been considering this as a quick out to hold the group together if a real attack ever began.  This was his emergency plan.

David Parker Wise
Former Pastor LA Peoples Temple