Jonestown Legacy
Jonestown Legacy

Are the FDA and the FTC direct reps for the Big Oil-Big Pharma mind control cult?  Are they using fear and jail to get people to stop telling (for instance) that Bloodroot kills cancer, that Oxygen kills cancer, and Baking Soda, and DMSO, and on and on...? 

Timeline of FDA Raids

Comment by concerned associates:
"I am afraid that if America does not listen to David Parker (formerly Wise, from his stepfather) that we may all wind up bloated bodies lying on the grass. I am afraid America is being turned into Jonestown. Let us listen to this anti-cult specialist tell us how to save ourselves from the cult of Big Death Oil, Big Death Pharma, Big Death Agriculture and the illegal wars of aggression for the Petro Dollar." 

Hello, and welcome to this website. I am David Parker Wise.

An historically famous madman named Jim Jones tried his best to destroy my life. I did not let him do it. It would be easy for me to demonize the madman now, but it takes much more character to be objectively truthful.  In this site I will present Peoples Temple and Jim Jones as a study tool in a modern-day look at social, economic and cultural improvement.  I will also highlight "cult think" in our everyday lives.

I was in charge of the LA church until I went up against Jim Jones when he took a turn into mental illness. As documented by FBI records, I was hunted down, assaulted and told that there was a contract hit on my life. Twenty-four years later an FBI investigation forced me to come forward to tell my story. In my case, you will likely find that fact is far stranger than any fiction.

The mass suicide at Jonestown was rated second in international news impact to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, until it was bumped to third place by 9-11.

What really happened in Jonestown?  What does it all mean?

With a dedication toward a better world, how is it that almost a thousand well-intending souls laid their bodies down in the jungle of Guyana... victims of who... or what?

With most of the insiders long dead, how can we figure out what really formed this tragic event in history?  I have some answers, and this is why I have put up this website and am writing a book,  Jonestown Legacy: When Society Becomes A Cult.                   -- David Parker Wise
Embittering after effects among survivors of Jonestown

One of the least discussed aspects of the Jonestown Legacy is the after effect of embittering the Peoples Temple members who call themselves survivors. This is an important aspect because any government or cult has control or influence over its subjects or members either toward good or bad.  Cults dash hope and embitter their followers. It is interesting that hope is systematically dashed across America.

In the larger picture the media and the press of the world emphasize that this formerly hopeful group ended in disdain. The survivors feel the pinch even more acutely.  Being the eternal optimist that I am and being a great believer in hope I was compelled to try to challenge former People's Temple members who seem frozen in bitterness and pessimism with the idea of current-day hope. I did not have much success.

Former Peoples Temple members were schooled to virtually worship socialism. The Left and the Right define socialism differently, but worse, socialists define it very differently between themselves.  Jones' concept of socialism involved an orthodox leftist economic answer where the means of production and the means of distribution are in the hands of the people.

There is a central fault here. No mention is made of "What is Produced and Distributed". We need cures for diseases and free energy to be allowed onto the market. Monopolies are not allowing world improvement technology. We need economic Democracy and unobstructed free market enterprise. Republicanism, Democracy, Communism, and Socialism are all words which currently represent monopoly and big government. The current marriage of monopoly and Government is of course how Benito Mussoulini defined Fascism. Standard left versus right , us versus them, thinking is controlled by the global monopolists. 

All Americans can relate to the phrase "We the People." Jim Jones ruined the people's movement with totalitarian and Machiavellian leadership. By aspiring to defeat the enemy at their own game he lost control and became the enemy himself. Like modern government he thought that the end justifies the means. Then, like modern government, he began to justify the wrong things.  There he was alone in the jungle with church people who he was trying to talk into either a reverse political defection to Russia or a mass suicide to protest the cruelty of American Capitalism.
One of history's most maniacal 
copycats is a lesson for us all!

We must begin to recognize that a cult is not just a demonized variation from the mainstream, but that cult-think and cult tactics can find their way into the mainstream itself, in churches, in business, in the military and even in our public schools. 

It is easy to demonize Jim Jones, but he was actually an uncanny copycat of our larger society, our business, our churches and our politics. He used destructive methods that are still being used in mainstream society. His odd story encapsulates our modern contradictions and offers a lens to look at ourselves so that as a society we might avoid a horrible fate such as Nazi Germany or Jonestown.
This site is a guide for recognizing cult thinking and cult behavior
 in society,  government, business, and even in your personal life!
Information Clearinghouse

I copied the following comment from a discussion group in the "The Lost Forum" at under the topic "mind control cults" [link here] because I think that it brings up an important point:

[From a commenter named Barbie:] “I can't tell for sure, but Pastor Dave sounds like he still has a little Jim Jones preacher in him.”

Since I am not a member of that discussion group, I chose to respond here:

Pastor Dave:

It sounds like you may be saying; “the apple does not fall far from the tree.” I left Peoples Temple because I was absolutely not an apple from that tree. I was not a bird of that feather. In fact I joined because of the good and left because of the bad.

You simply cannot paint the situation with a broad over-generalizing brush.  I paid a greater price than most any human you can find for going up against and for getting away from a cult. I am not a Peoples Temple apologist, these people tried to get me in trouble with the law, falsely. They hunted me down, caught me a couple of times, beat me up, and claimed to have put a contract on my life.

Yet, the secret to healthy mind and emotion is to pick the good and to steer away from the bad, to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.  We must separate the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad.  If you cannot do this you may be guilty of “us-them”, or “all or nothing” cult-think.

Broad-brush demonizations are even more dangerous in the larger cult of society than in smaller cults but are no less cult-like.  As for me I have learned some good things from my experiences with the Peoples Temple and some good things from the larger society but I refuse to be a cult member (or leader) of either.

If a madman in our society commits a murder with a sharpened toothbrush we would be foolish to all stop brushing our teeth.  I refuse to stop singing because Jim Jones was a singer. I refuse to stop preaching dynamically because Jim Jones used a dynamic speaking style.  A hammer has no volition or will of its own.  It can be used to commit a homicide or used to build a house for the homeless.

Even though a manipulative, deluded Jones walked on two legs, it is nonetheless in our best interest to persist in ambulating as bipeds.  If you want to throw the baby out with the bathwater then you are using cult-think.  This is not healthy.  And worse, the production line for manufacturing fruitcake people seems to be running round the clock these days.

It is incumbent on each of us to continue to do our best in the world and to make a positive contribution with our lives irrespective of the seemingly endless supply of mad men or women around us.

"God, good, and sanity beckon you to click on these links which prove that free energy for your house and car has arrived. Please help us usher in the paradigm shift and make a tax deductible donation to help Pastor Dave demonstrate these technologies on television."
Quotes From Pastor Dave 

"The behavior list for stalkers, sociopaths, cults and addicts has all the same characteristics, only with addiction you are your own cult leader. It can be a religious or government leader. It can be the status quo of peer pressure or your abusive husband. It can be the police or military carrying out an unjust agenda. It can even be your television by way of the mainstream news. The behavior characteristics are all the same."
(posted 01-25-14)

The Gospel means the Good News, not the Bad News.  This requires free energy and cures for diseases.  Life more abundant is not meant just for after you're dead.  Jesus came to insist that we bring life more abundant here and now.  This made him unpopular with the church and state in his day.  A time of confrontation has arrived where if preachers do not hurry and begin to herald the end of suffering promised by cures for disease and free energy they will be on the wrong side in the battle between good and evil.
(posted 06-05-11)

Jesus said, "Have mercy not sacrifice." He never intended to replace the Jewish system of animal sacrifices with himself as a continued animal-like sacrifice. When the great Christian martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer was waiting to be executed by the Nazis he wrote about "cheap grace." He understood that Jesus wants a changed heart. Neither Jesus' death on the cross nor the concept of Grace were ever intended as a way to escape doing what is right.
(posted 01-08-07)

"Life more abundant is a joke unless the deadbeat churches of America can wake up and smell the coffee of the paradigm shift toward cures for diseases and energy answers. Otherwise they will find themselves standing on the wrong side in the battle between good and evil."

"We're becoming a world of megalomaniacal three-letter agencies. The FDA, DOE, EPA, DHS and CIA think that they are G-O-D but they are N-O-T."
(posted 10/22/2006)

"Forces of darkness have been wearing away at the conscience of the American public with endless television violence. Like the slow-boiled frog,* we are being anesthetized a little at a time to not respond to deadly and wrong situations. Now a supposed 'man of God' has legalized torture. Where is the outcry from the churches? If torture is not wrong, then nothing is wrong.
A frog placed in hot or boiling water jumps out immediately.  But if a frog is placed in cool water and the temperature is raised very slowly, the frog does not notice the changes and is boiled to death."
(posted 10/31/06)

"There is no liberation in simply changing abusers."
(posted 11/10/2006)
David Parker Wise

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Political propaganda as cult brainwashing
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School as early brainwashing
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Torture and Rendition
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Us-Them demonization
Self-fulfilling prophets of doom
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The "not me" myth
Trauma to brainwash
U.S.-backed dictatorships
Victim complex
War as religion

To free ourselves from Cult Thinking it is important to define basic concepts and to examine how these concepts are twisted to mean something else:
Liberation Theology - Fascism - Apostolic  Socialism  -    Utopianism - Free Enterprise -Democratic  Socialism -     Apocalypse & Armageddon - Republicanism -    Libertarianism - Heaven on Earth - Hell on Earth - Sacrifice system of Islam & Judaism
Stephan Jones (Jim Jones' only biological child) writes...
Who is David Parker Wise?

"From the time I first encountered David, when I was just coming out of boyhood, he has shown me nothing but a clear mind and open heart.  David entered the Peoples Temple in search of service to mankind, to help us all make a shift toward harmony, and he gave all he had to that purpose. But, unlike so many of us in the Temple, David continued to evaluate and assess with that open heart and mind of his and the minute he recognized that we and our leader were headed down a road contrary to our “message” and David’s purpose, and that there was no healthy means for getting us back on track, David chose out and moved on to realize his own destiny, without regret, and in the face of retribution from my father and his agents of repression and fear.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for this kind of conviction with non-attachment. David is an innovative, talented, compassionate, and generous man of vision, who wants nothing more than to leave this world better than he found it. I’m glad to have him as a friend."

Stephan Jones
Demonstration of a powerful magnetic "free energy" motor at Delft University of Technology in 2010 after which all the students and professors were allowed to dissassemble the unit and prove that there were no hidden batteries or power supplies...
Preventable deaths in U.S. from:
Heart Disease equals . . . . . . . . 1,000 Jonestowns per yr
Cancer equals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,000 Jonestowns per yr
Prescription drugs equals . . . . .  100 Jonestowns per yr
Standard American Diet equals . . . . . 70 Jonestowns yr
Suppressed  cures equals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How many? 
Suppressed alter. energy equals . . . . . . . . .  How many?
Illegal wars of aggression equals 100s of thousands of Jonestowns.
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