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Pastor Dave's Kool Aid award for July 2011 goes out to the 100,000 doomed Russian addicts of the street drug Krokodil

Running neck and neck for second place is the Drug Companies and the Pharmacies that both make money off the gruesome deaths caused by the addiction and currently continue to block change!

Warning!  Shocking video:

What is the creature called "Krokodil"
that lives in the nightmares and in stark painful reality for 100,000 Russians addicted to the drug with this name.  The only thing more hopeless and depraved than the addicts are the pharmacists that help them and the drug companies that profit dramatically.

There is not a better metaphor for "Dont drink the Kool Aid" than these thousands of doomed Russians willing to march to their graves while taking a drug that leads them all to a more gruesome nightmare than can be imagined.  The drug is called Krokodil.  It is causing people's skin to rot right off exposing their bones while they watch.  However it is so addictive that they cant quit even while they watch themselves die.

In Russia Codeine is over the counter.  Much of the public is addicted to Heroin.  Heroin is not OTC.  When Heroin is not available or when people can not afford it they make a bathtub drug out of Codeine called Krokodil.  Krokodil is made with Codeine, Iodine, lighter fluid, and other street chemicals.  There is a special chemical affect where the drug causes circulation to stop and flesh to rot and fall off.  All these addicts are virtually rotting to death.

Almost none of them stop doing the drug even though their skin is falling off before their eyes.  Like the camel who becomes addicted to the taste of his own blood from eating cactus.  The power of the delusion is too great.  The throws of death seem to cause so many to lap up that which is killing them all the more. 

The power of the Kool Aid is too great.  In studies rats were given water with alcohol and fresh water.  At first the rats see the alcohol as poison.  Then they develop a preference for the alcohol water and will not touch the good clean water, then they die. The same tests proved true for arsenic and other poisons when put into drinking water. 

Enter now Krokodil and real zombies, not just Americans drinking Chlorine and Flouride and ignoring cures and energy breakthroughs but real walking dead.

The 100,000 people doing it will almost all die.  This 100K is supposedly a fraction of the people addicted to heroin but low on money.  So how killing is the heroin, but only slower. 

How many million Americans are alcoholics watching their own death.  To not demand cures for disease and energy answers we too are watching our own death without adequate protest. 

The Christians have forever chanted, "the wages of sin is death" as a lead in to collect offerings.  What they ignore is that if you take the original Hebrew and Greek it says the payment or the result of sin is death; which should mean that.... "anything that leads unnecessarily to death is sinful".   However, Christians seem hard put to make this simple equation.  Life more abundant has been relegated to a far away place and pain and suffering is something people are supposed to deserve.

Russians need Hope not Dope.  I insist that the Government of Russia step in and stand up to the pharmacies and the drug companies who are profiting by making walking dead out of an entire population.  Save the lives of thousands upon thousands... take away the "over the counter" status for Codeine in Russia immediately!

Pastor Dave
Kool-Aid Award
100,000 Russian addicts of  Krokodil
Pastor Dave's Kool Aid Award
​Michael Taylor (Monsanto/FDA) - 2012

​I believe these links will help you understand why this man
deserves this award...
​Pastor Dave

​Food and Depopulation: Monsanto’s Monopoly - Just Wondering - Alternative News and Opinions
Tweet Tweet Food and Depopulation: Monsanto’s Monopoly By Cassandra Anderson - BLN Contributing Writer A monopoly is exclusive control of a commodity or service that makes it possible to manipulate prices. This is accomplished through governmental regulations used to enforce the monopoly. The way…

Outrageously, the USDA co-owns the patent on the “Terminator Gene”, The seeds have been modified to “commit suicide” after one season, and will not germinate if they are planted in a subsequent season. This technology could potentially wipe out food on the planet in one season. The US government has been funding GMO research since 1983; William Engdahl has said that this will give the owners control of the food seeds over entire regions and nations, when commercialized. The USDA and the co-owner of the “terminator” patent promised not to commercialize it in 1999, however, in 2001, they signed a commercialization agreement. Seven years later, *Monsanto bought out the co-owner and is now partnered with the USDA for the “Terminator” patent*. Food can be used as a weapon.(9)

The USDA has also engaged in illegal dispersal of subsidies to Monsanto as well as giving farmers a break on crop insurance premiums if they used Monsanto seeds, which is tantamount to product endorsement. Remember the USDA is business partners with Monsanto. This is where your tax dollars are going. We are paying for our government to poison us.

Michael Taylor: Monsanto's Man in the Obama Administration

Monsanto Planting Seeds in the White House?

The Hypocrisy of Government

In July 2009 US President Barack Obama appointed former Monsanto lobbyist and attorney Michael R. Taylor as a senior adviser to the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Commenting on his appointment in an otherwise positive article about Taylor's new position, Marion Nestle, Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, said:

  he's the first person whose name is mentioned when anyone talks about the "revolving door" between the food industry and government.[1] 

Nestle was referring to Taylor's movements between Monsanto and the US FDA. Here is a summary of Taylor's career by blogger Jill Richardson, writing in the Daily Kos:[2]

  Taylor previously worked at the USDA from 1976-1981 as a staff lawyer. He left government to work at King & Spaulding, a law firm representing Monsanto. 

  He returned to government - this time to the FDA - for a stint as Deputy Commissioner for Policy from 1991-1994. According to Marion Nestle in Food Politics: 

  [At the FDA] he was part of the team that issued the agency's decidedly industry-friendly policy on food biotechnology and that approved the use of Monsanto's genetically engineered growth hormone in dairy cows. His questionable role in these decisions led to an investigation by the federal General Accounting Office, which eventually exonerated him of all conflict-of-interest charges. 

  In 1994, he moved over to the USDA's Food Safety & Inspection Service to serve as Administrator until 1996. Then it was back to King & Spaulding for a little bit, and - in 1998 - over to Monsanto, where he was a senior lobbyist (Vice President for Public Policy). 

  Most recently, beginning in 2000, he was a fellow for Resources for the Future, serving as Research Professor Of Health Policy at George Washington University.[3] ... Resources for Our Future is quite corporate funded, with members of its Board of Directors from BP, Chevron, and DuPont [and Rio Tinto, American Electric Power Company, Warburg Pincus, and the Ford Foundation - SpinProfiles ed.].[4] 

  And now he's back at the FDA. 
Kool Aid Award 
for 2012
Michael Taylor of the FDA, I mean Monsanto, I mean the FDA, I mean Monsanto, I mean the USDA, I mean Monsanto.